Master Your Destiny!

The classic groundbreaking law of attraction work by
Ishan Rami is now available on 2 disc audio CD!

This transformational epic work is a must-have for Fans of Rami. Inside he explores the unseen forces that control our lives and shows you how to take control of this magical force to bring your deepest desires into reality!

You’ll learn about:

    • the science of attraction
    • the limits  of scientific understanding
    • attraction and the love
    • love in separation
    • why opposites seem to attract
    • how to accept our grief without attracting more
    • you learn about attractor fields
    • and why destructive thinking manifests misery
    • you’ll learn about career ,  money and goal setting
    • as well as  health food  can affect your ability to attract what you want into your life

and much, much more!