How Do You Know What Is “Real”?

Take a mind-bending trip through time & space with best-selling author Ishan Rami as he explores the nature of consciousness and the latest scientific thinking on how it applies to what we currently accept as reality.

Inside you’ll learn

  • How to take the First Step to Unlimited Abundance
  • The Truth of All Reality Your Observation Creates Reality
  • The Difference Between Thoughts & Beliefs
  • Defining Mental Gender
  • The 7 States of Matter
  • The World Within and the World Without
  • How to predict Your Future by Creating It
  • The Science Behind Vibration
  • The Nature of Universal Vibration
  • Developing a Helpful Mind
  • Discovering New Planes of Reality
  • The Metaphysics of Time Space & Things
  • Why your Mind and Spirit are One In The Same
  • Understanding The Conscious, Subconscious and Super conscious
  • And you’ll discover how you can change reality by creating it anew

And Much, much more!


3 Cd Set -Runtime over 4.5 Hrs